Whether you’re a Merchant or Acquirer, our step-by-step tool makes PCI Compliance easy.

We know that time is important, which is why we’ve built PCI Pilot™ to support customers who want to make PCI compliance quick and simple. PCI Pilot™ is a web based application that helps small- to medium-sized businesses and acquirers, simplify and speed up the PCI compliance process by automating it via an online self-assessment questionnaire tool.

For acquiring banks, this means you will be able to track, manage and monitor your merchant clients’ compliance all in a single tool with ease.

 The Traditional WayPCI Pilot™
Choosing the right SAQ formThere are multiple forms to choose from. You could fill out the wrong form.You can choose the right form, complete it and submit it - all online.
Year to year continuityYou don’t have access to your history or previous forms. You start from scratch each year.When completing the questionnaire again next year, the app allows you to leverage the results used previously – saving you time each year when you need to re-submit your application.
Filling out the formsThe forms can be overwhelming and difficult to complete. They can be long and technical.Helpful text accompanies each question explaining their meaning and making it easy-to-understand, walking you through the process.
Access to assistanceFill out the form on your own.Allows you to seek assistance from our team of experts, backed by our staff of Qualifed Security Assessors (QSAs), to help you complete the questionnaire the right way.
Saving your progressFill out the form all at once.It keeps a running tally of how much progress you’ve made filling out the questionnaire; you can even pause and it will save your progress so you can come back to it when you have time.
Filing deadlinesYou have to keep track of when you need to re submit your application.It will alert you when your previously submitted self-assessment from is about to expire.
Storing SAQ documentsAll documentation is separate. SAQ forms get e-mailed around to people, creating different versions of Word documents, creating confusion.Easy to upload and attach relevant documents that support your self-assessment questionnaire.

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