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Control Gap provides customized long-term solutions that integrate into an organization’s compliance strategy. Through strategic and operational guidance, we work to transition your compliance efforts from an annual project to an operational routine.


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Information Security Services

Cyber Security Compliance

The increasing frequency of cyber-attacks is a real threat to your organization and your customers’ data. Data breaches happen to all size companies in all industries, and you need to take proper measures to minimize the risk associated with breaches.

Today’s reality has many organizations in fear of not only being hacked and having their data compromised, but also being subject to penalties for failure to meet cyber security compliance standards. Companies, consumers, vendors and stakeholders are all at risk when a breach occurs. Control Gap offers cyber security compliance solutions that will protect your valuable data, help you stay current with ever-evolving legislation governing cyber security, and save you time and money doing it.

Remaining compliant with industry, local, federal, and international cyber security regulations is increasingly challenging. As new threats present themselves, new regulations and standards are put into place, not to mention the speed of changes in technology and how information is used, transmitted, and stored.

Our security compliance solutions ensure you are PII and PIPEDA Compliant and are prepared to handle all internal and external threats to users, networks, devices, software, internal processes, data storage, data transmission, applications, and systems.

Our solutions will assess and help ensure you are educated about compliance in:

  • Cyber risk
  • Situational awareness
  • Threat and vulnerability risk management
  • Data loss detection and protection
  • Security software solutions
  • Network infrastructure, access and control
  • Standard Security Configuration and Management
  • Third party management
  • Customer, client, and user access
  • Cyber security incident management
  • Cyber security governance

Becoming and staying cyber security compliant doesn’t have to be difficult when you have an experienced and trusted advisor on your side to help you with compliance validation and advisory needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard sensitive data, reduce security risk and avoid fines.

Data Privacy Compliance Made Easy
Protect Your Data Privacy – Get PII & PIPEDA Compliant.

Effective, efficient and secure data collection and storage is a priority. With the threat of being hacked, data leaks, or failure to remain data privacy compliant, companies are under pressure to keep up with new and ever-evolving data security laws and regulations.

Once an organization collects data, you are then completely accountable for protecting it. Therefore, organizations that collect personal information from customers must protect it in a way that is secure and compliant with government regulations. Control Gap helps ensure you are data privacy compliant and meet all PII and PIPEDA Compliance standards. In a rapidly changing business and IT environment, we provide you with the most up-to-date advice and compliance solutions.

PII and PIPEDA Compliance Standards

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a Canadian law that relates to data privacy. It outlines how organizations collect, use and disclose personal information that is used for business purpose.

The act requires that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must meet the following standards:

  • Data is collected with consent and for a reasonable purpose
  • It is used and disclosed for the limited purpose for which it was collected
  • It is accurate
  • Data is accessible for inspection and can be updated as necessary
  • It is stored securely

PII data includes the following:

  • Personal information: Age, name, income, identification numbers, ethnicity, blood type
  • Communications: Social status, comments, evaluations, opinions
  • Records: Medical records, employee records, credit records, consumer/merchant interactions

Ensuring you meet all compliance standards can be a difficult process. It takes expertise, time, attention to detail and resources – all things Control Gap provides. Our job is to help you with all your data compliance needs – including getting PII & PIPEDA Compliant, and ensuring you remain compliant.

To learn more about how to prepare for and get PII and PIPEDA compliant, our certified experts provide the consulting resources you need to provide the most efficient path to achieving compliance. Contact us today!

Simplified Data Security Compliance
Get a Vulnerability Scan to Ensure Data Security Compliance

Data breaches are increasing. You hear about them in the news, and you may have been affected by one in the past. For this reason, new regulations are being put into place to enhance security compliance to respond to these new threats.

However, patchwork solutions will no longer do the trick, and data security compliance requirements are becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to support. Control Gap can help you overcome these issues with our data security compliance solutions.

To address the increasing number of data breaches affecting businesses, we offer a number of data security compliance solutions that help:

  • Merchants implement data security policies, technologies and effective processes to protect their payment systems from breaches
  • Financial institutions (Acquirers) and vendors implement standards for creating secure payment solutions

Our comprehensive Data Security Compliance solutions include Network Vulnerability Assessment Scanning, AVS Scanning and Penetration Testing.

Comprehensive Data Security Compliance Solutions

Network Vulnerability Assessment

To address the increasing number of data breaches affecting businesses, we offer Vulnerability Assessment Scanning (VA Scanning). VA Scanning helps your business stay secure and compliant by finding noted weaknesses in software and operating systems. We use Qualys, an industry leading product in vulnerability management to effectively test software configurations and operating systems. Qualys provides a comprehensive approach to scanning and many custom options for reporting vulnerabilities.

Ethical Penetration Testing

Penetration testing allows us to enter your systems in a similar manner to a hacker, although safely. Through the use of these specialized tests, we are able to identify and exploit security holes whereby an unauthorized user would enter. This type of testing is conducted internally and externally against the Customer Network Environment (CNE) through both the network and application layers. According to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirement 11.3.1 external penetration testing should be performed annually and after any significant infrastructure or application change.

PCI Scan (ASV)

Take a proactive approach to real and potential threats with comprehensive scanning solutions and techniques. We’ve partnered with Qualys to provide our customers with a cost-effective cutting-edge ASV scan tool. A passing report indicates that your external-facing systems are secure. If the scan report shows a fail, we recommend an appropriate plan of action to help you pass.

Put our data security solutions to good use – identify system vulnerabilities, fix the issues, and secure your network. Let us guide you to meet the PCI compliance scan requirements and pass future ASV scans.

Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment enables organizations to receive an independent assessment of the risk based on solid industry methodology. By evaluating processes, technology and people, Control Gap creates a clear path ahead to evade costly security pitfalls.

IT Governance Documentation Development

Documentation is always the biggest challenge within the industry. Often this task falls on internal departments that may not know where to begin. Control Gap further drives your document development operational process and puts your organization on the fast track to compliance. Ensuring support processes are tailored to your organization’s needs and implemented swiftly.

Control Gap helped our staff to better understand the audit process & its objectives. We look forward to engaging Control Gap in the future.
Pat Polillo (Vice President Technical Services, AJB Software)

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