This Week’s [in]Security – Issue 85

Posted on 12 Nov 2018.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. This week: breaches at FIFA, AMEX, Bankers Life, Ontario Cannabis Store/Canada Post, and HSBC,  warning about un-certified payment terminals, SEC has a new set of teeth, Stat's Canada data grab update, Consumer's Reports looks at IoT security, new laws in New Hampshire and Ohio, jailing CEOs, SSD encryption failure, more Magecart and other supply side scripting attacks, election security, and Remembrance Day.

Now here's this week’s selection of news, opinions, and research. Quickly skim annotated links organized by topic: compliance and payment security, breaches, regulation, bugs, privacy, hacking/malware, other security & risk, and more. We hope you enjoy and find them useful.

PCI Compliance and Payments

Breaches / Leaks

Laws & Regulations / Standards


Bugs / Design Flaws / Vulnerabilities / Defense

Hacking / Malware / Cybercrime / Offense

Other Security / Risk

Off-Topic / Science & Tech / Lighter Side