This Week's [in]Security - Issue 240

Posted on 07 Nov 2021.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI and payments: Non-Compliance Lesson #2, Big FAQ update, PAX/WorldPay/FBI update, magecart. New breaches: Waiting for QC, Shooting the messenger, Surveillance, VPN users. New Ransomware: Evolving tricks, NL Health. Follow-ups & Fall-out: Missouri. Privacy: Phone metadata, tappigraphy, Data Privacy Protocol, 1B deleted facial images. Laws & Regs - Canada: Bill C-10, Ontario utility data, Citizen Lab. US: FISA, LEA requests, Spyware sanctions, Bounties. World: Threatening open source, Toothless fines? Standards: EU-US. Cyber labelling, Critical Infrastructure. Defense: Pwn2Own & SANS CTF, Simulation Game. Cloud VA, Security MVP, Bloom Filter Searching, ZeroTrust. Vulnerabilities, Zerodays: Other Vulnerabilities: CISA 300 patch list, APIs, More on Trojan Source, Web Assembly, Github & NPM supply-chain - coa, rc, Cisco SSH key, non-enterprise IoT. Cybercrime: Trends: Rootkits, password spraying, GitLab, Office & Exchange. Nation States. Crime: Anti-ransomware actions, SIM & BEC arrests, Squid-scam, fraud. Other Risks: Trolls, Ethical AI, Skynet? buzzwords, meta-FOMO, Open Source Risks, Cert meltdowns, Yahoo leaves China, economy. Health, Safety & Environment. Covid-19: Spread, Curves, Waves, and Variants; Response; Treatments; Immunity; Covid Compliance. And more.

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