This Week's [in]Security - Issue 238

Posted on 24 Oct 2021.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI and payments: PCI & Ransomware, 3DS RFCs, PCI Halloween, AI shoulder surfing, Rapid Dispute, V-cards, UP Express. New breaches: Argentina!, CoinMarketCap, Durham police. New Ransomware: New Ransomware, Challenges, Revil (Strikeback), BlackMatter. Follow-ups & Fall-out. Privacy: ISPs, Alexa, Lunch Money. Laws & Regs - Canada, Online Harms. US: Export restrictions, Sanctions & Crypto, Notifications, Supplychains, Missouri, Facebook, World: GDPR bypass. Standards: NIST KDF, HTTPA. Defense: Detection, Blackhat, L0PHTcrack, Win11. Vulnerabilities, Zerodays: Apple. Other Vulnerabilities: Chrome, CVEs, MFA, Chinese hacking contest, Kerberos, DCOM, Gummy Browser attack, Tesla, Health Apps. Cybercrime: Trends: Fake pentest contracts, more fakes, Discord, Microsoft, Buggy malware, Obfuscation, NPM JavaScript, Youtube. Nation States. Crime: $35M deepfake heist, no honor among thieves, jail. Other Risks: IoT, third-parties, economic supply-chains, bias, Health, Safety & Environment. Covid-19: Spread, Curves, Waves, and Variants; Response; Treatments; Immunity; Covid Ugly; Covid Compliance. And more.

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