This Week's [in]Security - Issue 234

Posted on 26 Sep 2021.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI and payments: Remote assessments, magecart. New breaches: Thai visitors, Event Builder, Exchange. New Ransomware: Alert, Exabyte. Major outages:, Trello. Follow-ups & Fall-out: Revil FBI Sting & backdoor cheat, Epik. Privacy: Amazon, Ant, creepy? QR, ewwww! Laws & Regs: Canada: US: Infrastructure, Facebook, Warrants. World: China bans crypto, Huawei, USB-C. Standards: CISA IPv6, NIST drafts. Defense: SSNs, AppSec, Quad, Ransomware action, Medical IoT, passwordless, tools, Cyber-insurance, Autodiscover, Bug bounties. Vulnerabilities, Zerodays: record zerodays, IoT, IoS, MacOS. Chrome. Other Vulnerabilities: OWASP update, API credentials, Ryzen, hack a mainframe demo, OpenOffice, Cisco, smartphones, Nagios, VMware. SonicWall, Routers, ROT13-NG. Cybercrime: Trends: Nation States. Crime: Mafia, DeFi, undone. Other Risks: Quantum Risk, Health, Safety & Environment. Covid-19: Spread, Curves, Waves, and Variants; Response; Immunity; Impact; Covid Ugly; And more.

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