This Week's [in]Security - Issue 183

Posted on 04 Oct 2020.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. Magecart. New breaches: New Ransomware. Oracle+TikTok. Catch22. Secure Time. NIST. OCPMA. Phishing awareness. Fuzzilli. Deepfakes. Complexity. ICS and IoT. Fingerprinting exploits. Cisco. AD Backdoors. Credential Stuffing. Voter phishing. Reply-to-phishing. Account takeovers. Nation States. Legal actions. Chatbots. Remote Exams. Election Security. Outages. Environment. Covid-19: Spread, Curves, Spikes, Waves, & reinfections. Contact Tracing. cluster-busting. Disinformation. And more.

PCI Compliance and Payments

News and announcements relating to Payment Security, PCI, Card Brands, Payments, Payment Malware and Fraud.

Breaches / Ransomware / Leaks

Covering breaches, leaks, data exposures, ransomware (as potential breach), and their fallout.


Articles about privacy related news, risks, and trends.

Laws & Regulations / Standards

News about laws, regulations, and standards affecting security, privacy, technology, and public interest.

Defense / Techniques / Solutions

Covering developments and opportunities that may help improve security.

Bugs / Design Flaws / Vulnerabilities / Research

Articles about newly discovered vulnerabilities and research.

Hacking / Malware / Cybercrime / Exploitation

News covering active trends, alerts, events.

Other Security / Risk

Articles covering other types of risks.

COVID-19 updates.

COVID related articles. We have been following coronavirus risks since

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