This Week’s [in]Security – Issue 124

Posted on 19 Aug 2019.

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. This week: PCI more on Key Blocks and some case studies. Breeches: Hy-Vee, Choice Hotels, State Farm, dating apps. Followups on Capital One, Equifax, AMCA, and First America. What may be the first mega breach of biometric data. Privacy commissioner on what to do if breached. Regaining trust. Facebook had people listening in on messenger calls too. NIST and cyberbudgets for small companies. Facebook biometric lawsuit. DEFCON is done and there are lots of new vulnerabilities and defensive techniques. Cybersecurity as practiced by experts and regular people. Google phasing out android passwords. Protecting 100M Lines of code. Escape room recruiting. Instagram 'fake' buttons. A skimmer detector. Ancient and horrible Windows CTF vulnerability. Browsers dropping XSS protections. EV certs. No honor among thieves. Sonic-Attack. Vanity plate risks. Brexit shortages. Stopping mass shooters and more.

Now here's this week’s selection of news, opinions, and research. Quickly skim annotated links organized by topic: compliance and payment security, breaches, regulation, bugs, privacy, hacking/malware, other security & risk, and more. We hope you enjoy and find them useful.

PCI Compliance and Payments

News and announcements relating to Payment Security, Payments, PCI, and Card Brands.

Breaches / Leaks

Covering breaches, leaks, data exposures, and their fallout.


Articles about privacy related news, risks, and trends.

Laws & Regulations / Standards

News about laws, regulations, and standards affecting security, privacy,  technology, and public interest.

Defense / Techniques / Solutions

Covering developments and opportunities that may help improve security.

Bugs / Design Flaws / Vulnerabilities / Research

Articles about newly discovered vulnerabilities and research.

Hacking / Malware / Cybercrime / Exploitation

News covering active trends and events.

Other Security / Risk

Articles covering other types of risks.

Off-Topic / Science & Tech / Lighter Side

A variety of scientific, technical, historical, and more light-hearted news.