Social Network Spiraling - Everything Going On with Facebook Up Until Now

Posted by David Gamey on 04 Oct 2018.

In case you missed it, Facebook has had some issues recently and its only getting uglier. Catch up on the news below:

September's Breach

The most recent breach announcement came late last week and the exposure lasted over 13 months:

As the new week dawned we began to get more information as Facebook rushed to comply with GDPR notification requirements:

More information emerges about the impact, remediation, and GDPR as the week goes on:

Other Recent Issues

Even without the breach Facebook has had other security and privacy issues come to light:

A few very recent developments that would normally be positive are likely being completely drowned out by the bad news:

Facebook's Annus Horribilis

Facebook is still dealing with the fallout from previous troubles. In fact  2018 has been a terrible year: