Social Network Spiraling – Everything Going On with Facebook Up Until Now

October 4 2018

In case you missed it, Facebook has had some issues recently and its only getting uglier. Catch up on the news below:

September’s Breach

The most recent breach announcement came late last week and the exposure lasted over 13 months:

As the new week dawned we began to get more information as Facebook rushed to comply with GDPR notification requirements:

More information emerges about the impact, remediation, and GDPR as the week goes on:

Other Recent Issues

Even without the breach Facebook has had other security and privacy issues come to light:

A few very recent developments that would normally be positive are likely being completely drowned out by the bad news:

Facebook’s Annus Horribilis

Facebook is still dealing with the fallout from previous troubles. In fact  2018 has been a terrible year:


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