Hurricane Harvey: How To Avoid Scams When Donating To Natural Disaster Charity Groups

Posted by David Gamey on 31 Aug 2017.

It's hard to imagine a natural disaster until it starts happening in your own backyard. Unfortunately, the people of Texas have experienced and continue to experience the unimaginable over the course of the last several days. The scale and magnitude of flooding, damage, and tragedy from Hurricane Harvey is still ongoing - many people have lost their lives, and many more have lost their homes and possessions. Canadians can recall our own flooding disasters in Toronto, Calgary, and Canmore in 2013, as well as the repeated flooding of Winnipeg over the years. As devastating as these were, they were but a tiny fraction of what Houston is now enduring.

From past and present experiences of cities that have endured a natural disaster, it is known that the cleanup and rebuilding will take years. As many people near and far may want to help, but can't participate, they will donate their money or goods to charities helping the cause. During this time of community outreach through donations and services, it is important to remember the important to take some basic precautions.

Making Sure Your Contributions Count

It is important to note that the first call of security is the protection of people. For this reason, we shine light on the fact that disasters bring out both the best and the worst in people.

The best can be reflected through the TexasNavy and CajunNavy volunteers, businesses on the ground who've pitched in to open their doors or helped where they can, the emergency service personnel working around the clock to exhaustion, as well as the neighbors and strangers who help along the way.

The worst in people, however, can be reflected in the scams that take place from those seeking to gain profit from a tragedy such as this. Therefore, before you give, please take a few moments to research the charity you plan on donating to and avoid any charities that don't check out. You may also refer to Brian Kreb's article warning of hurricane relief scams and how to check out charities.

CNN has posted an article on legitimate ways to help those effected by the storm.

The plight of the people of Texas is deeply felt. Our deepest sympathies, prayers, and hope go out to you all.