PCI DSS V3.2 Is Almost Here!

Posted by Robert Spivak on 06 Apr 2016.

The PCI Security Standards Councils confirmed last week that the updated version of PCI DSS (v3.2) will be released at the end of April 2016. The current version (v3.1) will expire in October 2016. Organizations currently assessing under PCI DSS (v3.1) will be allowed a transition period.

All key dates and milestones to be aware of for this year’s updates are shared in this article.

An earlier high level discussion covering the new update can be found here.

Some of the significant high level changes: • The SSL and early TLS sunset extension • Multifactor administrative access to cardholder data environments • The inclusion of the Designated Entity Supplemental Validation (DESV) requirements • New reporting requirements for service providers

We will conduct our usual detailed page-by-page word-by-word analysis of the changes and impacts as soon as the standard is published. Stay tuned.