4 FAQs The PCI Security Standards Council Renamed in 2016

Posted by David Gamey on 02 Dec 2016.

Anyone who relies on the PCI FAQ site for guidance may have noticed some changes in the last few months. In fact if you bookmarked some of the links you’ll have discovered that several went completely missing. The council periodically revises and clarifies the content of FAQs; however, this time they altered several of the questions which changed the permalinks. The main thrust of the change was to move away from the misleading term “Scope reduction”. You can still search on the “article number” to find your favorite FAQ, or you may need to use the search page options for “Most Recently Updated” under featured FAQ articles.

By our count, there are some 248 FAQs that have been published since 2008 when the Council launched the FAQ site. Only a small number  have been changed, and only 4 were renamed :

If you have ever wanted to see all the FAQ's in one place, you may be interested in our Index of PCI Frequently Asked Questions.

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